First Cycle Degree

Class: L-30 - Physical Science and Technology
Typology: First Cycle Degree Course in Physics
Duration: 3 years
Credits: 180

Access: non-selective test

The undergraduate Physics degree course in Parma

Parma undergraduate physics students become acquainted with the scientific method and acquire the ability to experimentally observe, model and analyse a broad range of physical phenomena and systems.


The undergraduate Physics course in Parma provides the students with hands-on skills via the numerous laboratory courses that form a key part of the curriculum. Moreover, students acquire a firm grounding in classical and modern physics and in advanced experimental and computational techniques.

See the year-by-year overview of the Physics course in Parma.


During the third year, students are able to freely choose additional introductory subjects from the sub areas of experimental condensed matter, experimental biophysics and soft matter or theoretical physics.
During the same year they are given the option to carry out a traineeships in external research institutions or in the private sector.