First Cycle Degree


A.Y. 2021-22


First Year

Enrolment for the first year of A.Y. 2021-22 is open from 18 July 2021 (6 PM) till 24 September 2021 (12 PM).
All students that possess a high-school diploma will be admitted to the Course with no restrictions.


Applicants must register and fill the on-line application form.


Students' preparation is evaluated by a mandatory non-selective test.


Second and Third Year

Application for the years subsequent to the first is open from 3 September 2021 till 15 November 2021.


Transfers from other universities or other degree courses

Students must apply from 3 September 2021 till 15 November 2021.

The Learning and Teaching Committee will evaluate the curriculum and the validation of already sustained exams.