First Cycle Degree

Maths entry test for first year students

All first year students must sit a non-selective maths test that will be marked with the sole intent of assessing their initial preparation and provide them with useful feedback in order to help them getting started with the course in the best possible way.


The test consists in 20 multiple choice questions that must be completed on-line in 90 minutes.


The test will cover the following topics of high school maths:

- logic (basic)
- set theory (basic)
- equations
- inequation
- euclidean geometry (stright line, circle, parabola)
- percentages, proportions
- functions and their poperties
- trigonometry


For the A.Y. 2021/22 the test will be held on 6 September 2021 at 14:30 online by means of the application Microsoft Teams.