First Cycle Degree

Who we are

The First Cycle Degree Course in Physics (lasting 3 years) provides students with a solid methodological preparation and essential knowledge concerning physical, mathematical, computer science and chemical disciplines.
The course allows students to become familiar with the scientific investigation method, modelling capacities and analysis of complex systems of phenomena.
Thanks to extensive laboratory activities and training, students acquire operative skills and mastery of advanced and innovative tools, computer devices and techniques. The course constantly keeps up-to-date with the evolution and progress of science and technology.
The first and second year of course focus on basic compulsory subjects, while the third year also includes optional subjects in order for students to personalise their curriculum.
The knowledge and competences gained allow students to pursue their studies in Second Cycle Degree Courses belonging to Class LM-17 (Physics), Class LM-53 (Material Science and Engineering) or similar. Graduates are also entitled to enter the world of work directly or after a brief internship, especially as regards activities requiring mastery of scientific culture and methods, an open and flexible mind and quick adaptation to use and learning of new technologies and methodologies.
Lectures and classes are held at the Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences, where professors conduct their research activities.