First Cycle Degree

Graduation dissertation / Final examination

The final examination for this Course require the studens must produce a paper on a topic approved by the Didactic Commission, under the guidance of a Professor appointed by the Commission itself. Such a paper must contain an individual work, not necessarily an original one, usually consisting of further studying a topic or a theme not included within the subjects taught during the Course.
Those candidates that have completed a traineeship outside the University, hosted by a public or private structure, will have to feature such a traineeship in their dissertation.
The dissertation shall be publicly presented by the candidates in front of the Degree Commission and consist in a seminar on the outcome of a specific research. The Degree Commission will then mark the dissertation, taking the whole study path of each undergraduate involved into consideration.
The Degree Commission may mark the dissertations up to 110 cum laude.


The specific way to carry out the finals and dissertation, including the creation of the Degree Commission, are explained in detail within the relevant Regulation for this Study Course.